3-Reel Online Slots

Now days there are two basic slot types; 3 reel slots and 5 reel ones. The difference, as you can probably guess, is the amount of reels used in these games. This page is dedicated for 3 Reel Online Slots, you can find an example at free slots page.

3 Reel slot machines are mostly considered as the “classic” type of slots; it’s very easy to understand why, since the very first “one armed bandits” had only three reels in them, the same goes for the first online slots games. 3 Reel slots are usually found with 1 to 5 pay lines, although you might also find them with more as there are constantly new slot games released and you never know what those eggheads come up with. :)

Even though 3 reel slots do not offer as much fun as 5 reel slots, they still offer a bunch of it so be sure to test some of them :). Slots n Games offers 5 different 3 reel slot machines and all of them have bonus features, which is actually quite rare. You can also drop yourself a jackpot by playing Tropical Fruits 3 reel slot machine or Multi-Slot Classic.

3 Reel Slots at Slots n Games As I mentioned earlier, Slots N Games has 5 different 3-reel slots and they all have “something special” within them.

Grow Me the Money is one of the simplest ones but even this game has a mini-game kind of feature. The idea is to get the little ladybird up to the top of the flower. Manage that and you’ll drop yourself a hefty jackpot!

Fruit Salad is the second 3 reel slot offered at Slots N Games. Just like the previous game, this one has only 1 pay line. It also has a nifty Juice-o-Meter feature that can get you quite a nice bonus if you manage to fill the meter to the top.

Lunar Lander is another simple 3 reel game available. And just like the previous ones this one has a small feature included. Any time you find a number on the reels you will take a few steps towards the Jackpot, while on the way, you might get some free spins, guaranteed wins, time warps and a bunch of other extra things.

Tropical Fruits is yet another single lined 3 reel slot machine. But his time only with a Jackpot feature, the mentioned Jackpot however, is much bigger than the Top prizes in the previous games and as you raise your stake you also raise the jackpot.

Multi Slot Classic is one of the games that are available only for real money players. This game combines some of the previously mentioned 3 reel slots into one multi slot game. This game also features its own jackpot of £20 000.