5-Reel Online Slots

5 Reel video slot machines are the most common type of online slots today. You can find this type of slot machine with 5 or even 100 pay lines. The sheer amount of different outcome possibilities is the exact reason why 5 reel slots have become so popular.

Most of five reel online slots also include various bonus games or other extra features like Free Spins and multipliers. As these kind of slots are mostly video slot machines, they include a lot more graphical content with a lot of beautiful animations and very funny sound effects, not mentioning amazing bonus features.

5 Reel slots are also the ones that have the biggest and craziest Jackpots; you can win absolutely insane amounts of cash with a single spin! And because of the features and the looks of the games they are also the most enjoyable slot machines. They are also the most popular slots, probably mainly because of the huge prizes they offer, but I think the fact that they offer very enjoyable feature games and most of the time include very nice features like free spins, wilds and multipliers.

5 Reel slots are also the most themed ones and you can find them with all kinds of themes from specific computer or console games (like tomb raider or hitman) to marvel heroes (Spiderman, iron man etc.) and even themed after ultra-popular TV-shows like X factor and Hole in the wall. You can also find slot machines that are themed after some of the most loved and popular board games such as cluedo and monopoly.

Although there are hundreds of 5 reel slot machines out there, there are only quite small amount of those that have become very popular. Cleopatra slot machine is one of those and with all the features it offers it’s really not that surprising.

X Factor slots

X factor slots game

X factor slots is a miniature version of the x factor TV-show with a not-so-small exception that you play it alone and instead of fame and glory you can only get some cash out of it. Nevertheless the game is very enjoyable and offers very big prizes and a solid theme.

Hole in the Wall slots

Hole in the Wall slots

Hole in the wall slots will is a fairly new slot machine that is based on the theme of the popular TV-show of the same name. Honestly speaking there is only one way to describe it: Brilliant! The game itself is done very well and offers fantastic features with one of the best bonus games I’ve ever seen.

Cluedo Slots

Cluedo 5 reel slots game

Remember Cluedo? That great game where you got to play a detective solving a murder case? Cluedo slots machine is what you would expect it to be, the reels include the same characters from the game and the bonus game allows you to guess who did it, where and with what.

Monopoly Slots

Monopoly 5 reel slots

Want to become a millionaire? This is as good place to start as any. Monopoly slot machine is based entirely on monopoly board game. You can even select your own game piece (I just love that little carJ, what’s your favorite piece?). The bonus game is just like a game of monopoly, roll the dice and see how far you’ll get, the more times you manage to pass Go, the greater multiplier you will get!

Cleopatra Slots

Cleopatra 5 reel slot machine

Cleopatra slot is one of the most popular online slot games. One of the main reasons behind the popularity is that Cleopatra slot machine has one of the best bonus features, money wise. When you manage to trigger the Free Spins bonus feature you can earn even more free spins during the feature itself, the maximum amount of free spins is 180 and all pays are tripled while you are spinning for free!