Best Slot Machine Games

There are a gazillion of sites out there with a 1001 different “Best Slot Machine Games”. Here you will find my personal favorites. They might not have the biggest Jackpots but plying these, if managed to have a tremendous amount of fun, and sometimes even paying back some of my loans.
There are a lot of various factors to consider when you are looking for the best slot machine games.

Some might only be interested in how much is the top prize or a jackpot; others look for specific amount of reels (3 Reel slots or 5 Reel slots). To me none of the fore mentioned are that important. It might sound a bit funny but I think the most important thing is to have a great time, of course having big prizes and huge jackpots is always a plus and it does bring along a bit of excitement. Anyway, here are some of my favorite slot machines, give them a shot; I’m sure you’ll love them.

Hole in the Wall

Hole n the Wall slot machine

As you know (based on the success of the TV-show you really should), Hole in the Wall is a super-crazy-funny TV-show. Now the same craziness has been transferred into a form of a slot machine! The bonus game is probably the best thing about it, and I must say it’s a load of fun.

The bonus game consists of three to five stages (depending on how many “hole in the wall” -symbols triggers it, 3 = three walls, 4 = four walls, 5 = five walls). Your job is to level a player you choose at the beginning of the game with the hole in the wall.

The best part of the bonus feature, in addition to the great animations, is of course the actual prize you get after it. Every time you get your player through the hole, you get a multiplier to your bonus; so far I’ve been able to go through the two holes raising the multiplier to 9x which grants you quite a bit of a bonus ;) Imagine getting through all five! You’ll get a total of 79x multiplier if you manage that. You’ll get the final amount of your prize by multiplying the “starting award” you choose before the bonus game begins.

Hole in the Wall is a 20 pay line slot machine game with 5 reels. In addition to the bonus feature mentioned earlier, the game includes scatter and wild symbols that award you with free spins and scatter awards. Hole in the wall one of those slots, that with the stake and lines maxed out, can empty your account quite fast, but then again, you can triple or quadruple your cash (or even more, as the maximum multiplier is an astonishing 79) with one single bonus game. You also have an auto-spin function available, which comes handy when you are doing something else at the same time (like I tend to).

Hole in a wall is quite new slot game, but nevertheless it has become one of my favorites very fast. Great looks, a very funny bonus game and huge prizes offer you a fantastic time.


Cleopatra slots

Cleopatra slot machine is the one game I enjoy the most and apparently I am not the only one as it is one of the most played online slot machines today.

Cleopatra slots are all about multipliers and free spins. You can even get more free spins during your initial free spins and spin for free for 180 times! In addition to this the very first five spins (the wins they generate to be precise) are multiplied by five! Just like at monopoly slots betting big will also reward you big.

Although the Cleopatra slot machine is not the fanciest slot game out there, it’s definitely one of the most rewarding ones, with all the multipliers and free spins.


Monopoly slots

Monopoly is definitely one of the most played and loved board games there are, We all have played it or if not, we’ve definitely heard of it on several occasions as kids (and as grownups too ;) )

In monopoly no download slot the idea is a bit different one than that in the original game, but you might well end up doing the same as you would in that game but with real money after you grab the top prize ;). All the same graphics are used, down to Mr. Monopoly and street names. As usually the most intriguing part is the featured bonus game which is triggered by getting 3 bonus symbols.

An important thing to mention about Monopoly slots is that it is that all bonuses in this game are multipliers, so by betting Big you’ll also win Big.

The bonus game in itself is just like the board game we all know. The idea is to pass GO as many times as possible. Each time you pass it you gain +1 multiplier; each time you stop at a street or alike you win some cash, that same cash is then multiplied by the amount of times you pass GO.