Download Slots Online

Most of the time when people are searching the net for online slots, they are looking for a download casinos; this is simply because they are much more common than the flash ones.

In fact there still are those who enjoy having a specific Casino installed on their computer. And I must admit, while no download slot machines and games are what I enjoy the most, I still have some casinos downloaded and installed on my computer. So there hardly is anything wrong with that, you can keep playing your favorite download slots at home while playing no download slots at work or anywhere else.

Currently download casinos are losing their battle against their no download competitors. And it’s very easy to understand why this is happening; The quality, the speed and reliability of the games and used software is now days as good at download casinos as it is at no download ones. What download casinos have done to fight this is introduce their own instant play casinos, which might have a bit less games than the main casino (the downloadable one) but are otherwise exactly the same.

Spin Palace

Spin palace

Spin palace is a great place for all who enjoy download casino games. With a selection of over 270 games, most of which are classic slots and video slots. Spin Palace stands out big time from the huge amount of online casinos and offers a fantastic time for everyone who gives it a shot.

They also offer their own instant play casino that is otherwise just like the download one but does not require you to download or install it. Spin Palace is considered to be one of the best online casinos today so be sure to give it a shot.

Cabaret Club

Cabaret Club

Another great place to experience quality games is Cabaret Club, which is quite new casino but already offers over 300 casino games and some good promotions. Just like the Spin Palace it has two casino types, download and no download.

In other words you will get download slots and no download slots in one, pretty big package which includes a €150 bonus for all the new player.

Slots N Games

Slots N Games

Although Slots N Games is hardly a “download casino”, you should definitely try it out. You will get over 60 exciting casino games (including Cleopatra, Monopoly, Cluedo, X Factor and Hole in the Wall). And a great Triple Bonus which can grant you some £275 extra cash to play with.