Play Free No Download Slots

Feeling a bit bored? Why not give it a shot at my selection of free slots? Try them for free here, later on you can go ahead and try playing them with real cash and win real money prizes (trust me on this, its way much more fun than playing for “play-money”).

 If you are looking for a great time you really should go on and try playing no download slots for free or real cash at Slots N Games. My own experience with their games has so far been the best, so it’s a no-brainer to recommend it for anyone who enjoys no download games.

Playing free slots to kill some time is hardly the only reason to play them. Probably the most important reason is that by playing them for free you will get much clearer picture on how that particular slot game works, it's ups and downs and all other information that you can use to decide whether that game is something you can enjoy.

Playing for free is available for everyone, and all players of all kinds are welcome to play for free. All you need to do to get playing is open account and login. “Why create an account if I only want to play for free”, you might wonder. It’s quite simple really: You will get excellent offers and information about the latest promotions which are often very, very rewarding. You might even get an invitation to some special event or special slots tournament that is open for only a few pre-selected players. Although it will take you around half a minute longer to get playing, trust me it’s very much worth it!

You can read more about some of this slot games at my best slot machine games page, where I’ve written down some thoughts and facts about the games I enjoy the most.

Here are some of the no download slots you can play for free at Slots N Games:


Cleopatra slot machine

Cleopatra Slot machine is a very popular slot game that. As the name suggests the theme of this game is based on Egypt and Cleopatra. Just like most of the online slots Cleopatra has some great bonus features. Be on lookout for the Sphinx as getting three or more across reels will reward you with 15 free spins.

Hole in the Wall

Hole in the wall slot game

Hole in the wall is one of the newest slot games. It is also one of the funniest as it is based on the popular and super-funny TV show with the same name. This game won’t leave you soaking wet but it very well might leave you with some extra cash in your pockets.

X factor

X factor slots game

X factor is another slot game that is based on ultra-popular TV show. Spin your way through the Auditions and Boot camp to get to the Live Final and score it Big Time! X factor slot game offers fantastic prizes of £5000 in auditions and £25 000 in Boot camp, get to the finals to score even more!