No Download Slot Machines

There are a lot of people out there who are not so keen on downloading anything from anywhere, even when its 100% safe.

You could say that I am one of those people; frankly I simply do not see the point of downloading and installing a casino when I really need not to. Why bother with all that when you can simply log on to no download casino and start playing. What’s even better is that you can do it anywhere and anytime, you can play from your friends’ house or even at work (getting caught might not be a good thing though :) )

It also does not prevent you from having a great time playing fantastic slot machines. I could even go on and say that you can have just as fun or even more fun when playing no download slots.

Ok, I know what you must think; Graphics are bad, sounds are bad, they are slow and so on. Thats not the case to be honest, nowdays flash- and java-technology is so fast, secure and reliable that it is utilized almost everywhere. Therefore no download slot machines can and are more than capable to offer players great games with great graphics and design even without downloading and installing anything.

Take a look below to see it for yourself, both of these games are available at Slots N Games for free or real money so be sure to test them. You can also try comapring these games to any slot machine game offered at a downloadable casino (you can find some of the best ones at my Download Slots page).

Hole in the Wall

Hole In The Wall slot machine game

You've no doubt heard of this TV-show. The game takes on similar approach so be careful not to be overrun by the oncoming wall! Hole in the Wall slot machine has 20 pay lines and 5 reels and several bonus features such as Hole in the wall bonus game, wild symbols and a special replay symbol that will grant you a free spin. During the Hole in the wall bonus game you will need to position the player you choose in a right place for him to jump through the hole instead of being rammed by the oncoming wall. The amount of walls is determined by the amount of "Hole in the wall" symbols you trigger this bonus feature with. The amazing thing about the bonus game is that you can receive a huge multiplier of 79 if you manage to clear all the walls (the maximum amount of walls is 5, the minimum is 3).

The X Factor

The X Factor slot machine

With the X Factor no download slot machine you can check out whether you have the x factor they talk about on the TV-show. Although you will not become a celebrity or get to fool around on the stage, you might fill your pockets with some cash won from this great game. X Factor slot machine is a 20 pay line and 5 reel slots game with fantastic bonus features. This slot machine has three stages; Auditions (the stage you start at), Bootcamp (bootcamp is entered by getting 3,4 or 5 Bootcamp symbols on any staked line, this is a free spin bonus feature game). To get to the live final you need to collect 10 star symbols during your time at the Bootcamp.